Client Alignment
Selling into Large Companies
Mike Raquet
President, Client Alignment Inc.
Sales Training, Coaching, & Retainer Programs

4 ways to provide sales activity training, account planning, and skills
development for your organization

Training - The Client Alignment comprehensive 2-day training program is for people directly
responsible for achieving business development goals — sales, account management, business
development, and marketing.  The course will focus on the activities of a successful business
development group.  Course elements include market/account planning, generating leads, warming
leads, appointment-making, client interviewing, opportunity management, strategic initiative,
presentation, effective communication, proposal, negotiation, closing techniques, and developing
loyal clients.   

Coaching - Individual training and feedback to develop business development management
techniques including motivation, sales activity focus, and effective meetings.  Functional areas can
include sales, marketing, service, or executive management

Account Team Facilitation - A Client Alignment specialist will lead the account team meetings.  
Afterwards, we will communicate information using our exclusive team dashboard which collects and
disseminates all account activity and information in one place.  Teams effort are maximized and the
valuable time of the team members is minimized.  The principles of Client Alignment are applied and
keep the team focused on the right activities to get results

Retainer - A combination of monthly training sessions with individual coaching provides new
employee a great way of "onboarding" and keeps everyone else up-to-date with the latest sales tricks,
tips, and techniques
Need a dynamic speaker for
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